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A Robertson Law Chambers was established in January 2021 with its head office in Harare, Zimbabwe and is governed by the Law Society of Zimbabwe in the conduct of its practice. It is a premier full service inter-disciplinary law firm with extensive experience handling cross border matters, managing and defending clients’ portfolios from a local level to a global scale. The firm is more knowledge based whereof its decisions and direction are informed by data, as it seeks to integrate into the current global knowledge economy. The law firm does not only seek to assist its clients within a vacuum, as it exists within a community and region. The firm’s vision is to play a participatory role at national, regional and global levels and this is backed with a mission to achieve results that exceed expectations through its diligence.

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Audrey Robertson
Managing Partner
Joshua Robertson
Gift Zumbika
Emmanuel Gonese
Legal Clerk
Lucia Msengezi
Administrative Legal Secretary